Thursday, September 29, 2005

Kavarna Imperial Cafe

Kavarna Imperial is my favorite cafe in Prague. We usually went there Friday or Saturday nights because that's when they had their live dixie land swing or jazz band playing live. And of course, you get a free donut with every coffee!

Coffee Coffee Coffee

The outside may not look so pretty, but inside it's beautiful The first thing you notice when you walk in is the tile all over the ceiling and walls. Then you notice the bar in the back, and the huge stack of donuts from yesterday. Thats reserved for a donut fight. Basically, if you pay 1943CK (about 24KC = 1.00USD), then you get to throw those donuts at anybody in the cafe!

One time, I was gonna meet my friend Christine from the TEFL course I was taking at TEFL Worldwide Prague at Kavarna Imperial for the live music. I said I'd be there at 8:30pm. As I walk in, a little late, about 15 minutes, all I see are the employees sweeping the ground, wipe-ing and rearranging the tables, and then I see Christine with some powdered sugar on her sweater, and jelly on her pants.

"OMG did I just miss a fight!?"

"Yes! A bunch of drunk stag party brits bought yesterday's stack of donuts! I was caught in the middle!"

And if I wasn't late, maybe I would've been too! Well, no biggie, it would've been fun, but I didn't have my camera anyways! So anyways, that evening I ordered something on their coffee menu that me and Christine had been looking at for a while, but too afraid to order it because it might be gross. But then I thought, why would it be gross if it's on their menu?

Tonic water and coffee, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

Hmmm. . . I had to get it. When it came it looked like a coffee dessert, but it didn't taste anything like it looked! At first sip, I tasted coffee, and a strange mix of bitter soda, but it was soooooooo good! At the end, a little bit of the melted vanilla ice cream gave it a sweet taste. I wish I could make some at home!

Another thing I love about Kavarna Imperial is that you can ask for chess, sorry, or dice, and play there as long as you want. I remember when me, Romy, Nicole, and Marcel were all playing sorry together. The game got funner as we all kept drinking our Gambrinus.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Greyhound, here we come!

Where to. . . . ? Anywhere!
Yes! Romy noticed a stack of these scratch out tickets laying in the CCC front tables (at UIC), so he yoinked them. We were lucky! Only 300 FREE rountrip tickets were being given away, and we won one of them!!!!!! We also got a million tickets with a 25% discount, so if you want one (Nicole, Marcel, anyone else?), just contact us! Now all that's left is to decide where and when we'll go. We're thinking of California, Florida. . . . . hmmmmmm. . . . where do you think we should go?

Friday, September 23, 2005

6 Years. . . many to go!

To: Romy
Happy Anniversary! Ha ha I said it first!!!
Today, September 24th, 2005, we have been together for 6 years. I still remember like it was yesterday sitting in the bleachers at Morton waiting to go on the field at half-time in our white fluffy colorguard uniforms!! Remember? Well, this morning I am making you french toast. Mmmmmmm. . . I hope it isn't raining so that we can go to the dunes. Is it raining?
Love you!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Nicole and Vader!

Hey Nicole, do you remember this!? This is just a preview of the hurricane party to come (if not this season then a future one)! Its a Nicole-Vader rendezvous in the country side of southern France drinking the best beer in the world... PILSNER URQUELL!!!

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