Saturday, September 23, 2006

Working On Door Panels

Today and tomorrow, I will be working on making new door panels for the VW camper. We ordered new precut and predrilled panels from The Bus Depot, and now I am covering them in vinyl and putting them back on the bus. I gotta get some smaller staples for this and also some more fabric glue. I also have to get new pics to attach the MDF board to the metal of the bus. But once its done it'll look nice. The old panels are cracked and ugly.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wedding Pictures

We just got about half of our wedding pictures from Jarolyn, so I am going to post them very soon. They will all be on our flickr account by the end of the week.

Click Here!

Here are some:

Monday, September 18, 2006

Check Out Our Photos

I just posted some new photos from England. More will be on the way!

Our Photos

Sunday, September 10, 2006

V Dub work

Yesterday was the big day to get the camper running. Jenn, of course, was all into learning how to do everything before we started, but once we started replacing the starter, she decided that she was going to work on the sink.


And it wasn't like she worked on the sink by herself with no help...nope. About every 15 minutes she would ask me for help with something...then get mad that I was taking over her project once I helped more than she wanted. I guess I could say I was warned by my dad that women are freaking nuts. Is true!

Well, the starter is in now, and I patched a hole in the exhaust and fixed the fuel leak that it had. Jenn (with a lot of help) got the city water connection for the sink to work correctly. She re-plumbed it, which is good cos the old copper tube was nasty! She also got the material to make the curtains, and started on it yesterday...I think they'll be good...except they're teal! I'm not the biggest fan of teal, but Jenn has a good eye for color stuff (usually.)

And today it's raining. So all the work I put off on my car yesterday (welding on the quarter panel), I can't do today. Grrrrr....

But it's ok, there's plenty of crap for me to do in the clean, fix the fenders, patch the core support and inner fender, finish the fiberglass sub enclosure, teach Jenn to weld, etc. So it'll be a good day anyway!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

We're Back from the Rockies!

We finally got back from the long drive to and from the Rockies to pick up the VW camper. It was a long, but cool drive. It took us 3 days each way, and we stayed one night at Donna's (where the VW was). She let us go in her hot-tub outside, where she lived on the side of a mountain in the Rockies. We saw the stars so clearly, and the Milky Way! We saw lots of things along the way. . . the Badlands NP, and of course the Rocky Mountians and we drove past Glacier NP. We also drove past Theodore Roosevelt NP, which is in N. Dakota. We saw Painted Canyons SP. But most importantly, we got the camper, and drove it home all the way with no problems! We were really excited to sleep in it for the first night off the side of Hwy 2 in Montana. Cooking lunch inside it was fun too! Some pics:

These are the Badlands inside of Badlands National Park.

This is the VW on the bridge which leads to where Donna's place was. It is on the side of the mountain on the left.

Its first fill up of gas!

The VW driving on the deserted and dry prairies of N. Dakota.

The VW driving along Therodore NP and the Painted Canyons of N. Dakota.

The miles turned over to 20,000 miles somewhere in Minnesota!