Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Finally, We Have a Memory Foam Mattress!

The day has finally come! Ever since getting some awesome memory foam pillows (it always starts with the pillows. . .), which were awesome, I was obsessed to find a whole memory foam mattress. However, when I found out how much they cost, I thought, craigslist? But buying used mattresses is kind of weird, so I forgot about my idea for a while. Until...

Nature's Sleep St. Bart
The mattress came in a modest size box, but weighed a ton!

Until a Groupon popped up in my e-mail where there was a deal on buying a memory foam mattress online at Nature's Sleep. It caught my eye so I opened it up. It was a deal for 75% off any memory foam mattress on their website! So I read some reviews to see if it was good or not, and they all seemed positive. Most people gave the mattresses five stars. So I went for it and bought the Groupon!

Nature's Sleep St. Bart
Inside the box was a tightly rolled mattress!

I bought the Groupon on a Saturday morning. I ordered the mattress on Saturday night. Then it got shipped out on Monday morning, and Tuesday afternoon it arrived! Woah was that fast! I thought it would come in two weeks. It came basically in two days! What's interesting is that I never thought a whole mattress could be shipped by FedEx. So I took a bunch of pictures of the unrolling and plumping-up process!

Nature's Sleep St. Bart
The mattress came out of the box tightly rolled up in plastic.

First I had to drag the box from the front door to the bedroom. This was like dragging a dead body, but I muscled through it. Next I carefully cut the box open to reveal a rolled up mattress! The one I ordered was a queen size "St. Bart" which is an 8 inch mattress that is semi-firm.

Nature's Sleep St. Bart
After cutting the outer plastic, the mattress started to expand all by itself.

The rest of the pictures show how the unpackaging process went. It was surprisingly fast! The whole thing plumped up in less than 5 minutes, but the packaging said that it will take up to 24 hours to fully plump up. It came with two sheet already on it. There is a covering that goes over the foam, and then there's a removable velvet cover that zips on and off. I can't wait to sleep on it. I am not even sure if I should put some sheets on it or not, but I think I will.

Nature's Sleep St. Bart
The mattress was actually folded in half! LOL!

Nature's Sleep St. Bart
Now its lying flat, and its time to cut open the plastic covering.

Nature's Sleep St. Bart
With the packaging cut open, it started sucking in air very fast!

Nature's Sleep St. Bart
All done!


Unknown said...

Hi, my girlfriend and I are thinking about buying the same mattress (Nature's Sleep St Bart 8"), but are a little skeptical, because reviews are hard to find anywhere other than on the Nature's Sleep website. How has your experience been? Is it pretty firm? Has it started to sag where you sleep? I have some back problems and our old mattress is killing me, but we want to make an educated decision. Thanks for your help!

Jenn said...

We've had the mattress for a while now and I absolutely love it! No problems at all. Its comfy and holding up just fine. No sagging. When I first decided to buy it, I was skeptical because it was one of the cheaper options, but I am happy I bought it.

Unknown said...

Would you call it a firm mattress? Did it have a break in period, after which you considered it softer?

Jenn said...

I would say its on the firm side, however, the actual level of firmness varies depending on the temperature. This is true of all foam mattresses. On cold winter nights, the mattress is a bit firmer when you first lay down until your body heat warms it up and then it gets a little softer, but in general I would consider it on the firm side. In summer, when its warm, the mattress is a bit softer. At the same time, its kind of a hybrid because you sink into it a pressure points, which I like. I didn't find any break-in period. Its pretty much the same and I haven't noticed any change in the mattress getting softer over time.

Unknown said...

Great! Thanks for your help!

Richard C. Lambert said...

The day has finally come! Ever since getting some awesome memory foam pillows (it always starts with the pillows. . .), which were awesome, I was obsessed to find a whole memory foam mattress. However, when I found out how much they cost, I thought, craigslist? But buying used mattresses is kind of weird, so I forgot about my idea for a while. Until... gel memory foam mattress topper

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