Thursday, June 12, 2008

Building the Trailer Day 1

Today we started building the trailer that will haul most of our things to California. We got the trailer from my dad's lot. It was a trailer from an old junky pop-up camper, which was stripped down to only the trailer/platform part. We ripped off all the material from the top of it to get just the metal frame and axle.

The Trailer Before Work

Some members in the frame were really rusty, so we had to cut them off. Also, the whole frame was covered in surface rust, we grinded it off so that we could work with it easier and weld it.

Cutting out a Rusty Member

Next we started constructing the frame. We scavenged some steel tubing from the lot as well. It was still good, so we cut it and welded it together to create a frame for the new trailer floor.


Welding the Front

. . . and thats how far we got today . . . .