Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Romy's PICC line and Appendix Goes OUT!

Over the past few months, Romy has been healing up and the surgeon finally scheduled his surgery to remove his appendix. A while back in late April, the PICC line that Romy had up his arm was taken out, after he no longer needed the antibiotics.

Romy Hospital
That's Romy's PICC line in his arm when it first went in at the hospital.

That's Romy's PICC line in a ziplock baggy.

I had to drive Romy to the dreaded hospital super early the day of his surgery, like 5 am! He got checked in, and then I was told I could wait in the hospital waiting room until he was done, or I could keep calling back to see when I could pick him up. I opted to go to school that day and get some work done, and I would call around noon to see if he was done. So that's what I did. When I called back at noon, he was actually done with surgery (that was fast!), and the man at the desk told me to come by if I wanted.

When I got to the hospital, the nurses took me to the recovery room where Romy was dosing, and getting over anesthesia. He looked so funny, and made silly faces when I took a picture of him. He was supposed to be getting lunch (gluten-free), but like usual, it was totally late. After an hour later, when it never came, the nurse gave me a coupon for $20 to go to the hospital cafeteria and bring him some food. Could you believe that!? The nurse was so nice, the food staff still as incompetent as ever! I got some soup and odwallas, and some fruit, and we ate lunch. Once the nurses saw he could eat, they got him up and walking, and then sent us home. We were out by 3pm!