Friday, June 22, 2007

Exciting Purchase!

Yay! I just bought our plane tickets to Patagonia! We will be leaving December 16th, and returning Jan 14th. So exciting!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Engine Rebuild Frustrations


We have been slowly rebuilding the VW bus's engine now for a couple of weeks. After Romy went away for his two week training, I continued to keep working on it, leaving off at sealing the two case halves together. I got up to the rocker arms, and what did I see on the bench?


I saw these, the retaining rings for the piston pins! Nooooooo! I can't believe I forgot to put these on! Now I have to take half the engine apart! AAAARRRRRGGGGGGG!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Strawberry Picking

Today me and Nicole went strawberry picking in Hobart Indiana, by the Dunes. When we got there, we had to drive all the way back to the furthest field, because that was the only one they allow people to pick in. The field was huge and sections of it were very muddy. It was so muddy, we had to take our shoes off and just go in barefoot! The mud was swampy, but cool and squishy on a hot day. We got 6 buckets of strawberries, each bucket was about 5 lbs.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Julie Visited

Julie visited Chicago on her start of Route 66. She wanted to have a tour of Chicago, so we went out with her and had a very busy day. We took the Water Taxi, which was free for the first 2 weeks it was operating, then the free trolleys, and also we went up to the John Hancock center Signature Lounge and had a drink. Here are some pics:

^ Me (right) and Nicole (left) on the water taxi.

^ Me and Julie on the 95th floor.