Friday, October 06, 2006

Finished With Door Panels!

I am finally finished with the door panels for the VW camper. It was hard work. Not all of the holes in the MDF boards (the raw panels) were cut to fit the holes in the metal of the doors. So I had to drill new ones, and buy new pins to pop them in. First I popped the pins in, then I covered the panels with some cotton batting for padding, and then covered that in brown corduroy fabric (which really matches nicely). I did 4 panels in total: the two front doors, the sliding door, and the rear hatch. I wanted to do the right-side interior under the window, but it wasn't the right panel. . . oh well.


See the ugly light brown vinyl? It is all wrinkly and old.

The new ones look much neater, and the speakers are bigger.

As you can see, the seats need a little repair. I will do those next.


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