Friday, January 13, 2006

My Second Latte Art . . . . kinda

Well, this one happened by accident too, and the pic was taken about 3 minutes after I made the latte, so it started fading, but. . . I think its a tree. Or maybe a mushroom. I think its a tree, yeah.

I really have no idea how I did it, I wanted to make a leaf design, and that popped out! Its tough to make latte art if the froth is not perfect, or there isn't enough crema on the surface of the espresso, but I keep trying!

In other news, Nicole already left Chicago to go back to school in Daytona Beach. She was originally supposed to leave Tuesday morning, but a weird thing happened. They canceled her flight with out notifying her, and told her the next flight was at night, but at night she would miss her DOTS shuttle from Orlando to Daytona. So then she asked to move it to Wednesday morning instead, and they did! For free! So, she stayed an extra day. We went out to a sushi buffet that night, which was excellent! These were their house rules:

1. No food left on the plate, or they charge $5.
2. No ordering more until everything on your plate is gone.
3. No sharing.
4. A limit of 2 maki per person per time ordering.

But it was dirt cheap, $12.95/person which included miso soup and grean bean tempura. And the sushi was HIGH quality, but no sashami, only maki. But they had eel! Mmmmmm. I think my fave was the Miami roll, or the Crazy Chicago roll. We ended up ordering 4 rolls each. We were stuffed. We even let our "5th guest" have a taste of the Caribbean roll (Marcel's big idea, he was pressured).
The place was on 1610 W. Belmont in Chicago. I strongly reccomend it!