Sunday, May 14, 2006

We're Leaving!!!

Yay! The day has finally come, and we are leaving to O'Hare in just a few hours. We are all excited!
We will first be arriving in London. There we will spend a day, before we fly off to Sardinia on Tuesday morning.

We will not be able to go on the internet while in Sardinia, so you will not hear from us for about two weeks.
----Check back for more updates!


CPT Robinson said...

SPC Frederick:

I do realize that you are in England until August 2006. However, I would like to offer you the position of E5,SGT, Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic 63B in my unit, E Co 634th Foward Support Company in Joliet, IL. You are number #39 of 198 on the STPA list and it is your turn to be offered the position of SGT.

We are a Forward Support Company of a Base Support Battalion (of the 634th). Please email me regardless if you are interested in the position or not. I want to give you a fair chance for a promotion. Please email me back or call me at the unit 815/725-8838 or at home 630/759-9445 with any of your questions. It is important that I get a response from you either way, so that I can offer the position to the next person in line or extend the offer to you and get your paper work going. If you are unable to call me, please send me your phone number and a good time to call you I will call you. Thanks, CPT Robinson

E Co 634TH FSC
Company Commander