Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Update about Colorado and Transmission

Hi Everybody who is concerned with the soap opera unfolding with the bus! We ordered all the parts yesterday to be shipped overnight to us here in Golden, CO. One of the two packages arrived this morning, and we are waiting on the second one (which contains the more important pieces). So, since yesterday afternoon, all we can do is wait and relax. Last night we had dinner with everybody. We had elk sausages with locally grown sweet corn.
This morning, we went for a bike ride with John. We went 13 miles up and down some mountains. Then we stopped for a cup of coffee, and saw some farmed buffalo. It was fun on the down-hill sections, but harder going up hill, but we made it, even though we were biking at 8000 feet!
This afternoon when the rest of the parts come, we will finish the job and stay here one more night. If all is well, tomorrow (Thursday) we should be leaving, but before we go, we would like to drive up Mt. Evans, which is just as high as Pike's Peak. I hope we make it!!!!

Also, we've put up our pictures from Arches National Park. Just click on the pic below to get directed to our flickr page of pictures:

Dry Tree