Sunday, November 09, 2008

Birthday Snowshoes!

Today is my birthday, and it was nice, sunny, and about 70 degrees out! We went jogging at Joaquin Miller Park on the trails. I took along my GPS so that we could visualize the path we ran and also record the distance that we ran. We did a total of 2.43 miles. It was our first time jogging since we moved to California! Can you believe that!? When we got back to the car, I plotted the surface elevation of our jogging trail. We jogged the Sequoia Byway Trail, which was between 1,200ft-1,550ft in elevation!
Also, we were searching for snowshoes to get ready for our Thanksgiving holiday, and we found a pair of MSR Lightening Men's snowshoes for half the price! Some guy who works at REI bought them and never used them, and sold them to us for the 'at cost' price. Yay! Here's a picture:

Romy's Snowshoes

They are orange and super light, made of aluminum. The crampons are part of the frame, and there is an extend-able heel bar so that you can rest your heels when climbing uphill. So even though it was my birthday, these snowshoes are for Romy. Now I have to find some for myself!!