Monday, May 18, 2009

NSF Honorable Mention

Today, after much waiting and torture we were notified by the NSF that we both (!) received the Honorable Mention for the 2009 NSF GRFP. That means we didn't win any money, but at least we got recognized! Our names are listed on the NSF's list of awardees for 2009. Here is the e-mail I got:

Dear Jennifer Frederick:

Your application for the 2009 National Science Foundation (NSF)
Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) has been evaluated.
Although the Foundation is unable to offer you a fellowship, it
is my pleasure to inform you that you have been accorded an
Honorable Mention. Unless you have previously requested
otherwise, your name will be included in the Honorable Mention
list that will be posted at

Applicants receiving Honorable Mention are provided enhanced
access to cyberinfrastructure resources, including supercomputing
time, through the TeraGrid. Please refer to for more information on
cyberinfrastructure resources.

If you have questions concerning this notification, please send
an e-mail to Thank you for your interest in the
Graduate Research Fellowship Program. We wish you well in your
future studies.


Carol Van Hartesveldt, Ph.D.
Acting Division Director
Division of Graduate Education