Monday, September 28, 2009

Random Facts About Sequoia Trees

The National Park service signs that are posted in front of the large sequoia trees had these really strange random facts, which I thought I would share (and some pictures, too).

General Grant Sequoia
The General Grant giant sequoia tree in Kings Canyon National Park.

Fact: If the trunk of the General Grant tree was a gas tank on a car that got 25 mpg, you could drive around the earth 350 times without refueling!

Fact: If the trunk of the General Grant tree could be filled with sports equipment, it could hold 159,000 basketballs, or more than 37 million ping-pong balls!

Fact: The General Grant tree is so wide it would take about twenty people holding hands to make a complete circle around its base!

Fact: The General Grant tree is the world's widest known sequoia and the third largest sequoia in the world by volume!

Volume: 46,608 cubic feet
Height: 268 feet
Weight: 1,254 tons
Age: 1,700 years
Diameter (max): 40 feet
Circumference: 107 feet

Giant Forest Sequoias
The General Sherman tree in Sequoia National Park.

Fact: If the trunk of the General Sherman tree could be filled with water, it would provide enough water for 9,844 baths. Thats one bath every day for 27 years!

Fact: Looking up at the General Sherman tree for a 6 foot tall human is about the equivalent of a mouse looking up at a 6 foot tall human!

Fact: The General Sherman tree is the world's largest tree by volume and the world's heaviest tree!

Volume: 52,500 cubic feet
Height: 275 feet
Weight: 1,385 tons
Age: 2,200 years
Diameter (max): 36.5 feet
Circumference: 103 feet


Zayn said...

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