Sunday, March 14, 2010

VW Camp Out at Cache Creek

We just got back from a quick camp out at the Yolo County Cache Creek campground, which is at the north end of the Napa area, near the Capay Valley. It was a small quiet campground (except for the asshole with the generator who ran it almost 24/7 and then many many motorcycles riding past on Hwy 16). I just finished the yurt a week prior, and John LaTorre, who lent me the industrial sewing machine, was going to be there, so Romy and I decided to bring the yurt along so we could show him. Normally, we wouldn't take it out just for one night of camping because of the 1-2 hr set up time, but we figured it would be nice to show John what I did with his machine!

Cache Creek VW Camp out
Blake and Shelby's bus against Cache Creek below. Enjoying wine and cheese.

When we arrived on Saturday afternoon, almost everybody from the vwcamperfamily was there who rsvp'd (Blake and Shelby, Brett and Elizabeth, Joe, and John). We promptly started building the yurt, and in the middle of it Melissa showed up in her vanagon. Everybody sat on the grass and watched Romy and I build the yurt while they sipped wine/beer and other beverages.

Cache Creek VW Camp Out
The yurt is built and the baja.

After what felt like a long time, the yurt was finally built and we could relax! We then moved on to the picnic tables set up near the main camping area (we had to build the yurt a little ways away because we needed level ground) to have some wine and cheese and crackers as an appetizer. Mmmmm. There was quite an assortment that Shelby brought with.

Wine and Cheese
The sun is going down - soon time to start a fire!

When the sun started dipping behind the cliffs, it started to get chilly (although during the day it was about 70 degrees F! More wine was busted out, and even though we thought we'd be rebellious and drink beer this time, wine was pushed upon us! So was food, which we gladly accepted. All we brought for dinner was a can of chili and a bag of tortilla chips (we had to rush out of the house and didn't think about packing more than the yurt and beer).

Cheap Red Wine
John and his cheap red wine.

We also went around the campground scavenging for fire wood, and found a few good pieces to add to the firewood pile. We ended up having just enough wood for a fire that lasted well past everybody's bed time. We had a great time and can't wait until the next camp out that we can make it to.

Cache Creek VW Camp Out
Big Blue, John's Dormobile, and Joe's bus.

Night at Cache Creek
Good night!


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