Thursday, April 29, 2010

Starting Out Our Own "Project Life"

I've been inspired after seeing a few other blogs on the internet ( and YouTube videos of the people who take a picture of themselves everyday or almost everyday for many years ( to start my own similar project. Our friend Shelby, from the vwcamperfamily, first mentioned Project Life as a thing she was doing - taking a picture of herself everyday doing something normal in her 'everyday life.' I thought that was a really cool idea, and now I think I am finally going to start our own Project Life of Jenn & Romy. I will be posting the pictures on my flickr photo website in the set called A Foto Each Day. Here are the first two pictures of our project, taken today:

Jenn 4/29/2010
Jenn on the hill-line bus at UC Berkeley, going to school.

Romy 4/292010
Romy on the hill-line bus at UC Berkeley, also going to school.