Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Night Shots

The first night of our road trip to meet Nicole and Marcel in Utah, we had a bright moon shining over us as we drove east over the Sierra Nevada mountains. Hwy 120 through Yosemite was just opened about one week before, so we took the opportunity to drive it. Unfortunately we got to the mountains when it was already getting dark, but the moon was so bright, we saw everything anyways! It was so light out, that we were able to take pictures at night! When we got to Tenaya Lake, in Yosemite National Park, the water was calm and reflecting the tall mountain peaks around it because of the moonlight. We stopped to take some long exposure night shots. Then when we got to the other side of the Sierra Nevada range, near Lee Vining, we stopped and took more pictures on the lonely stretch of Hwy 6 going to Benton, CA. I was soooo excited because we were actually able to capture the stars in the sky in some of the pictures!!! Here they are:

Tenaya Lake Under Moonlight
I tried to stay still while the shutter stayed open for long exposure shot.

Tenaya Lake Under Moonlight
Tenaya Lake under moonlight.

Tenaya Lake Under Moonlight
Reflection on the lake with stars in the sky!

Sierra Nevadas Under Moonlight
The Sierra Nevadas and stars in the sky! The lights are cars on Hwy 395.

Baja Under Moonlight
The baja on Hwy 6.

Hwy 6 Under Moonlight
Yellow on Hwy 6. Power lines in the dark.