Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My New Desk in McCone!

Today I feel like its official that I transferred to the Earth & Planetary Science Dept from Mechanical Engineering at Berkeley because I moved to my new desk! I was really excited to move because my old desk was in Etcheverry Hall, where there used to be a nuclear reactor in the 60s. My desk was in the center of the building and had no windows, just foot-thick concrete walls and recirculated air. Gross. My new desk is a corner room in McCone Hall and has 4 large windows that you could open to let fresh air in. I have natural light as opposed to flickering fluorescent lighting.

My New DeskMy new desk and personal window! I had to close the shade so that the picture would come out.

I have to gloat about this because I've been sitting in a crappy room over the past year or so. Now I have an awesome view - check out the next pictures which I took out my window and the other nearest windows:

View From My WindowThis is the view from my window. You can see Memorial Glade and the big library. I can also see the bay partially off to the right and the northern part of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

View From West Window
This is a view of a redwood tree out the west window closest to me. I like redwoods.

View From My Window
This is the view from the south window to the left of my desk. You can see the clock tower and the Oakland Hills.

I hope that I don't find myself looking out the windows more than doing the work that I have to get done!