Saturday, September 18, 2010

5 Years of Blogging!

Today marks the day, five years ago, that I started blogging on It seems like such a long time ago! Wow!

Here are links to my favorite post of the year. Its like going back in time!

2005: Ode to Rafail Abramov, our linear algebra professor at UIC.

2006: We're Back From the Rockies!, a post about our trip to pick up our VW Bus after we got married.

2007: Canadian Rockies are HUGE!, a post about part of our cross-country trip in the VW Bus.

2008: We Made it to Berkeley!, a post about moving from Berwyn to Berkeley to start graduate school.

2009: Natural Hot Springs of the Eastern Sierra, a post about our first trip to visit the hot springs in Long Valley, the first of many!

2010: This year isn't over yet! But I still have a favorite post so far, Volcanoes, Aliens, and Hot Springs, a post about out trip to Washington (state) with Sebastian to watch alien ships fly over ECETI Ranch.