Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Most Awesome Idea Ever!

A few weeks ago I was flipping through Outdoor Magazine and in the back where they list a bunch of advertisements, I saw this:

Advertisement for the Selk'bag.

It caught my attention because of the scenery at first (Patagonian Andes), and then I saw the moon suit that the people were wearing in the picture. I was pretty confused as to what they were wearing because the ad said "bag" but to me it looked more like what people wear when they go climb Mt Everest or something. Whatever it was, it looked warm and comfy!

I ripped the ad out of the magazine and put it in my backpack so I could check out the website they listed later. But that week ended up to be extremely busy in school and I forgot about it, until one week later when I re-discovered the crumbled ad. It made me smile to see the moon suit again, so I checked out the website (www.selkbagusa.com). There I discovered that what the people were wearing is called a Selk'bag, and it is a sleeping bag with arms and legs and a hood! What an awesome idea! I always thought that something like that would be really convenient when camping. I usually wrap myself in blankets or sit around camp in my sleeping bag, but that is not ideal because its hard to move around. The Selk'bag has reinforced pads on the feet so you can walk around in your sleeping bag. It has arms and little slits that can be zippered shut so you can stick your hands out and do stuff.

Nicole is trying on the Selk'bag at the store, Sports Chalet.

Not surprisingly, I decided to buy one! My sister and I went to the nearest store where they were sold (the Sports Chalet in Pleasanton) so I could try it on. They are sized in Medium, Large, and Extra Large. They also have two kids sizes. I just fit in the Medium, but not in the largest kids size. The bag is so awesome! And its super warm lounging around inside. I also sat around in it outside and it kept me toasty. What's so great about it is that its like being covered in a blanket that always moves with you, and keeps you enveloped in warmth and fluffyness! Plus, when you want to get up and do something, its no problem at all! I look like the yellow Michelin Man.

Me trying on the Selk'bag at the store.

The bag was developed in Patagonia in Chile in 2005. I have the 3G (3rd generation), and they are now coming out with a lighter weight 4G version (for warmer conditions). My 3G bag is rated for 35F and weighs 4lbs.


Update 3/6/2011:
The Selk'bag is perfect for snoozing and taking naps:

Jenn 3.6.2011

Update 2/20/2011:
Romy recently bought a Selk'bag too, and we took them snow camping to Lassen National Park, where we comfortably lounged around in our tent while it was only 20F outside:

Romy 2.20.2011

Update 2/18/2011:
The Selk-bag is great for partying!

Jenn Romy 2.18.2011


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