Saturday, June 04, 2011

A Muddy Rodeo

This weekend was the annual Russian River Rodeo located in Duncans Mills, CA, on the banks of the Russian River just inland of where it meets the ocean. We found out about it via a website I discovered that lists all of the rodeos going on all over the country. Its called It was an intensely rainy week before the rodeo, but the website said it was going on rain or shine, so we got our rain gear on and headed over there along Hwy 1.

Russian River Rodeo 2011
The American flag gets paraded around a few times by a cowgirl.

We got there about half-hour early, and as it was still raining on and off, we headed over to have a drink at the tavern right across the street before the rodeo started. They had Pliny the Elder (brewed by the Russian River Brewing Co) on tap, so we ordered a pitcher and shared it with Nicole and Marcel, who came along for the rodeo. We had just enough time to enjoy our beer, when we saw all of the cowboys rounding themselves up on the muddy rodeo grounds.

A video of a bull-rider at the rodeo.

We hurried to get a spot in the bleachers, which were only half full because I guess a bunch of people were deterred by the rainy weather. I took a few videos of the bucking horse and bull riding events. We got to sit really close. It was a lot of fun! I hope I get to go the the Bridgeport Rodeo next month. I'm becoming somewhat of a rodeo-addict!

A video of a bucking bronco rider at the rodeo.