Friday, July 20, 2012

Out of Norway!

Its almost hard to believe but after spending a few months in Norway we are finally leaving that weird (but beautiful) country for a little bit of fun! One of our old friends from UIC, Mark, has been working in Europe for the past few years, and we made some time to go visit him in Germany. The cheapest flight we could find out of Norway made a stop over in Oslo. We had quite a lot of time in Oslo once we landed (something like 5 hours or so), but sadly, since we picked the cheap flight, the airport where the stop over was at (Sandefjord) is something like 200km away. I thought it might suck to just sit at the airport for that long, but man was I wrong!

It turns out that the night before we left, our last day in Trondheim, we had a crazy party with the Germans we were living with. Lets just say that when we came home, drunk, we had only about 2 hours before we had to board the bus to the airport!! So, needless to say, when we found such an inviting set of park benches, in the warm sun, and next to some nicely manicured bushes just outside the airport terminal, we felt so relieved! We spent the 5 hours snoozing in the sun, like homeless people on benches, and sipping horrible instant 'coffee.' Not bad at all (except for the coffee part)!

Romy 7.20.2012
Trying to rest between flights, at the Sandefjord Lufthaven Torp airport.

Next, we will be boarding another short plane ride to Bremen, Germany. From there, we are hopping onto a regional train to get to Braunschweig, the town Mark currently lives in. I am not sure of the plans after that, but it's Mark, so who knows!