Thursday, December 08, 2005

75% Done With Finals!

Today marks that we are both are 75% done with finals. Only one more to go. So far, my first final was math, Linear Algebra, which was a good final. Our teach Rafail just changed the numbers on the sample finals online. In fact, on some of them, I don't even think he changed the numbers at all! They seemed very familiar! Hehehehe.
My next final, Cell Bio was a nightmare! My teacher likes to do a lot of "which one is false" type questions. That pissed me off because you might know two that are true, and the other two you don't know if they're false, or you just don't know enough details about it. Well, some were okay because I knew which one was really false. Uhg! It sucked! I feel like I could've guessed, and my score would be the same as if I tried. My eyes were starting to go blurry after an hour and a half of reading her questions!!!
Then my third final ws Statics. That one was great because it was open notes/books, and I just did many example problems in my notes so that I was prepared. But I got stumped on the last potential energy problem. It has a circular shaped rod, which I couldn't figure out the equation for in the time they gave us. There were no problems like that in the book either. Maybe he pulled it out of his ass.
And finally, yesterday night, we went to the gym a little later than usual, around 8:30pm to go climbing/exercise. Some fat bitch at the front desk asked us,
"Are you certified to go climbing?"
"Well, it doesn't show on your membership that you are certified. . ."
Blah blah blah, so she had to call some other trainers and all of them weren't certified to certify us! We have been clibing there for the past two months, and now some fat bitch tells us we can't go (and we were certified to climb in the spring). So finally, we came back after 1/2 hour, and the cool guy just waved us through, and told the fat bitch it doesn't matter, we come here all the time to climb.
We ended up climbing for about an hour, and I finally got over the hump in the rock that I could never do! Romy had his new climbing shoes on too, and he liked them a lot.
Thats it!