Friday, December 02, 2005

Climbing Harness

Today, and yesterday, I am feeling sick with a cold or something. Its started with a sore throat, and then progressed to a head ache and runny/stuffy nose.
I am also very sore because I was exercising, doing squats and lunges, and I wasn't used to it. Now my body doesn't feel like healing my muscles, because its concentrating on getting rid of my cold!
Yesterday, I won the climbing harness I was looking at on Ebay. I won it for $1.04, with $8 shipping. It is size small.
My muscles are getting stronger, which is good. Tonight we went climbing at the Y again, and it was tougher than normal because I felt weak, but I still could do everything I normally can do when I am feeling good.
Tomorrow, Romy is going to help out at the climbing wall for some program for little kids. I think I will clean, or do some studying for finals!