Sunday, June 04, 2006

In Stockholm for a day


We are in Stockholm for only one day at Hostel Bed&Breakfast, but we are getting a breakfast to go, because we need to catch a bus to a ferry early in the morning. We really liked the city, and it was on many islands all connected by bridges. We saw the old town (Gamlastan), with the royal palace where the King lives. There were lots of guards.
Tomarrow morning, ferry to Finland, Åland islands.

PS we were very lucky today!! We nearly missed our flight because of a 15kg limit on baggage, and we were over anyways, but then the nice lady didnt charge us because we didnt have time to pay anymore. Then the plane was delayed anyways and we got all sweaty running to a gate which wasnt even boarding yet!!!!!!
Oh yeah, then while we were still in London, the subway didnt open when we thought it would, so we were running around trying to find a double decker bus which would take us to Liverpool St. . . . .


Anonymous said...

Romy--Good that you are having such a nice time. I tried to find your vehicle registration for the brown Buick in its glove compartment where it is supposed to be carried but it wasn't there so I don't know if they'll give me the city tag. If you know where the registration is please write as soon as you can. Also contact the captain about the sergeant position, if you don't want it or do want it, as she's waiting for your answer. Love you. Please write at least once a week so we know you are okay.

Anonymous said...

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