Friday, June 16, 2006

Tromso is Rainy

Now we are in Tromso. From Helsinki, we got on the Santa Claus Express Train 61 to Rovaniemi, and then we transfer to a bus which took us all the way north to Tromso, Norway. The bus took about 9 hours. On the way we saw the Finnish countryside and forests, lakes, and swamps. Then when we crossed the border into Norway, it began to get mountainous. We saw the first snow covered mountains almost right away! As we got deeper and deeper into the mountains, the more snow, and there were lots of waterfalls running down the cliffs as the snow was melting. Then we found ourselves driving through the fjords. It was really cool how the mountains all of a sudden dropped down straight into the thin narrow fingers of the ocean. It was like the water was trying to swallow the mountains.
It is very rainy here. Once we got in the city, we had toput all our rain gear on and cover our backpacks with the rain covers. We walked about 3 km to the campground,were we set up a small shelter for our bags, and then built our tent next to a river, coming from the mountains.
Now we are walking around the city and later we will go back to the campground to relax.

Tomarrow we got back to Finland by bus. We will begin our 2 week hike in Kilpisjarvi and try to make it to Mt. Halti, the highest peak in Finland (but it is only about 4000 ft). On the top, you can sign your name in a book.
So, this will be the last entry for about two weeks!