Tuesday, July 04, 2006

We Arrived In Moscow

Last night, we arrived in Moscow by the Arora train. It was very luxurious and they even gave us a package of food!! We got into the most beautiful metro station in Moscow, and there were gold frames, mosaics, and painting all over, and marble everything. The trains come every minute. When we got to our hostel, we realized it was an old commie hotel. It is very nice! We have a TV and everything. Today we went walking around the Red Square. It is sooooo nice! We will post pics later. Early tomarrow moring, we will go see Lenin. He is all waxed up and on display. There was a line today about a km long!!!! The kremlin is HUGE and there are many churches. You can also walk around drinking beer, so we did, like it was soda.
We really like Moscow!!!!!