Sunday, July 02, 2006


Today we went to Peterhof, the palace built on the gulf of Finland, about a 45 minute train ride out of St. Petersburg. It was supposed to be like Paris Versailles. It was a lot smaller, but the palace inside was similar. We cant put up any pics from this internet place, so maybe when we get to Moscow.
We walked around the gardens and there were lots of fountains. They were all fed by natural springs, and the fountains didnt run on pumps, but the springs fed into high reservoirs which provided pressure from gravity. There was even a secret "fountain" that squirted unsuspecting passer-bys! It was hot again today, and perfect weather for the gardens.
Tomarow we are going on a walking tour, for about 5 hours before we get on the express train to Moscow. We really enjoyed our short stay here. We wish we could have stayed longer. Our hostel is really nice, and we are meeting lots of interesting people here!


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know we're following your trip as much as we can. Please write when you get time as everyone is enjoying the photos and notes. Be careful and dress warm. No more flip flops on the ice. Love you all.