Tuesday, July 24, 2007


We just spent the last three days in Yellowstone NP. We fixed the oil leak (at least its not leaking any oil anymore since Romy replaced the crankshaft seal). Okay, well since the last post, we were in Iowa. After that, we drove into Omaha NE, and we found a small VW parts place where we got a few parts plus the seal. Since the oil leak wasn't too bad, we kept driving into South Dakota where we stopped for the night near Mitchell, where the famous Corn Palace is. Then we woke up early and started driving towards Wall, and had lunch at Wall Drug. Next, we visited Mt. Rushmore and drove through the Black Hills. As we entered Wyoming, it got really really hot out, under the sun it was about 105F!!!! Well, the engine was gtting hot too, so we had to drive only 45mph to keep it cool. We made it to the Bighorn Mountains, where we slept somewhere by a stream in the Bighorn National Forest in the moun tains. We saw two moose. They were big!
The next morning, we drove out of the mountains, and towards Yellowstone through some of the weirdest desert landscape! We felt like in a different world. It was also scorching hot, probably over 100F, and we drove slowly into the NP.
Yellowstone was very nice, but there were so many people there we couldn't get a campsite the first night. We saw Old Faithful, Mammoth Springs, Yellowstone Lake, and we biked to a small geyser, which didn't erupt while we were there. The mountain valleys in the park were nice! We saw buffalo, moose, Mule Deer, and even a glimpse of a GRIZZLY BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will post some pics when we have a better internet signal. Now we are headed towards Glacier NP. Everything is okay so far with the VW.