Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update on the Apartment Search

UC Berkeley
I took the picture above today in the afternoon. It is of the Sather Tower on the UCB campus. You can go up into the tower and from the top, you have a nice view of the Bay, including the Golden Gate Bridge. I think if the weather is nice tomorrow, we will go up. It's free for UCB students, and $2.00 for the public.

Today we saw two apartments. The first one was on Prince & California in Berkeley. It sucked. Well, the apartment inside was nice, but the area was bad, it had bars over the windows, no laundry facility to use, and it was kinda grungy. The manager kept trying to justify the apartment, after we asked about the bars and if anybody ever broke in before. She said it was in a bad neighborhood, which she admitted right away, and said "thats why rent is so cheap." We're talking $1100/month. That's "cheap" for Berkeley.

But there was a turning point when we saw the second apartment. It was in Oakland, in the hills, near a park. It was also for $1100/month, but it was way better! One car private and deep garage, your own backyard (private), a washer/dryer hook-up, okay-sized kitchen, and cozy. It was in a duplex which is side-by-side, and apparently the only neighbor was an employee of United Airlines and is out of the country months at a time! This was the landlord's only property, and he was really cool. It is exactly 7.4 miles south of the North UC Berkeley Gate. The landlord liked us, and we liked him. So most likely we will take it. Tomorrow we'll talk business with him. He told us he had a lot of people calling him, and a few came to see the apartment, but he didn't have a good feeling with the other people. Hopefully things will work out with this apartment. That means that we might have an address as soon as Friday this week!