Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Still Looking at Apartments. . .

Yesterday, we saw a total of three apartments, all in Oakland. The first two were in the same building, in the Oakland Hills area. They were okay. The area was really nice, in the hills and in a million-dollar house residential area. Very safe and quiet, but the apartments were so-so. They were really old, and the appliances were from the 60s or something. I don't know if it was on purpose like that (some had real vintage/retro style), or if the landlord/apartment company was so cheap that they never updated it. Both were a little over-priced for what they were. Possibly they were so expensive because of the nice neighborhood they were in.
The third apartment we saw was also in the Oakland Hills, but in a slightly not as nice neighborhood, but it was still safe and clean. The apartment was huge, updated, and clean. It also had a personal 1 car garage included in the rent, along with a backyard patio with fruit trees. We liked this one the best so far, so we turned in our application for rent. The landlord was really nice, too. He said that if our application goes through, we could move in on Monday, and possible earlier depending on how quick he can finish cleaning it up for us.
Today, we will go see another apartment in Berkeley, but we don't have any high hopes for this one because its not in a great area and the garage is too small. I don't think the Bus will fit inside. We may also see a few more in Oakland today if it works out.
We found a great rest-area off of I-80 in the North Bay area where we sleep in the Bus, and then we go to the UCB gym locker rooms to shower and stuff. The campus is so beautiful, and today especially because it is sunny and warm. The past few days have been foggy, cloudy, windy and cold (in the 60s).