Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bathroom Painting Finished

As promised, I am posting the final pictures of our bathroom repainting project. We chose glossy bright white as the color for the bathroom paint. We also bought some wooden blinds to replace the white ones that were in here before. Also, we got a wooden toilet seat, which looks a lot better than the white painted metal old one. When you sat down on it in the morning, it was really cold and the white paint on it was peeling. Every time I cleaned the toilet, it would peel a little more. The wooden one is much better.

The bathroom after its final coat of paint.

The bathroom after its final coat of paint in the daytime sunlight.

We actually finished painting on Monday night, and yesterday we found a sink vanity on craigslist which we really liked. It was from some rich house in Tiburon, which was perched on the top of a hill, with a driveway so steep it was almost 45 degrees! After checking what IKEA had to offer, and pricing it out, we decided that the used vanity on craigslist was higher quality and cheaper. So we called Linda, the woman who was selling the vanity, and drove over the bay to get the sink. We just finished installing it tonight.

The bathroom is almost complete, with a new-to-us vanity sink.

The vanity is real Maple wood (unlike IKEA) and has an acrylic sink (which is okay). It was light in weight because of the sink material, and it fit perfectly into our small bathroom. I think the wood tones of the bathroom match the golden shower doors. Originally, I hated the golden doors, because I would've preferred silver ones, but we had to work with what we had. With a little face lift, the bathroom looks much better. But it is not done yet. We still need to install light fixtures (notice the hanging bulbs in the pictures) and a small shelf above the toilet area. Thats about it!