Monday, February 23, 2009

Bathroom Painting Project

We decided to paint the bathroom about two weeks ago, and have been working on it here and there ever since. We usually get a chance in the evenings for 2 or 3 hours at a time. The bathroom had cracks and peeling paint in some areas, so we decided to do something about it finally. Our landlord will hopefully reduce our rent this month to reimburse us for the painting supplies. We didn't ask our landlord to have the bathroom painted for us because last time he hired somebody to re-paint the ceiling in there, some Mexican came (who was as high as a kite) and replastered, but didn't sand the plaster down smooth, so it was all bumpy. Then when he painted over it, the white paint he used was bright white, while the rest of the bathroom was off white! How dumb! So here we are, having a painting project which should be finished tonight.

We started by sanding down all of the paint to prep the surface. The cracks and peeling paint was scraped down, and then we spackled the holes and uneven surfaces. The spackle had to dry overnight, and once it was set we sanded it down smooth to match the rest of the wall. We don't have any pictures of this part, but we do have pictures of what the bathroom looked like once we finished sanding and spackling.

We also decided to remove the bathroom sink because it was tiny. Everytime we washed our hands, brushed our teeth, or washed our faces, we got water all over the sink and it ended up dripping down the side of the vanity (which was cheap fiberboard) and was in general poorly designed. And the faucet was so tiny, the water ran down next to the back wall of the sink, so you had to stick your hands back all the way to get them wet. Sometimes my hands would hit the back wall. Who designed that so stupidly? Is there really a point to that kind of thing, or was it a mistake? We are looking for a bigger and better sink on craigslist or at IKEA.

So here are a few pictures of the project so far:

The bathroom wall after spackling and sanding. The bathroom sink was removed and there is a plastic drop cloth on the floor.

View of the toilet all covered in newspaper to protect it from stray paint drops.

The bathroom after two coats of primer. Its starting to look much better!

To be continued. . . . .