Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Daewoo the Lizard

Its really a mystery how Daewoo the Lizard got into the trunk of the Daewoo one day. I went to Target to buy school supplies and left the bags full of paper and binders in the trunk for about one month. When it was finally time to start school again, I took out all of the bags from the trunk and brought them inside. As I was pulling out a pack of paper, all of a sudden out popped Daewoo the Lizard! He jumped onto the carpet in the living room, and we trapped it in a cup, so that it wouldn't hide somewhere.

The lizard was kinda slow, so I'm really not sure how long it was in the trunk and even why it was in the trunk. Maybe it got in there one day when we were taking a hike in the forest, but I'm not sure. I know I didn't get the lizard at Target! After we took the picture, we put him outside in the backyard. When I went to go see if it was still there a while later, he was gone!