Sunday, October 18, 2009

VW Campout at Ocean Cove

This weekend was another VW campout which we went to. It was at Ocean Cove Campground just north of Jenner on the coast. There were 7 buses all together. The skies were clear and we could see a lot of stars at night. The mornings were foggy and damp, but the sun usually burned off the fog by 10:30am, and we had sunny blue skies during the day. The campground was right next to Stillwater Cove Regional Park (in Sonoma County) where there is protected ocean shore, and some nice scenic hiking trails along the ocean. We climbed on a few of the rock that jutted into the ocean. You could hear the ocean surf all night as the waves crashed onto the shore. It was also the opening of abalone season, so there were a lot of divers who were hunting for them under the water near the shore. Some of our neighbors had some left over abalone that they cooked for dinner (which they went diving for that day), so they came to our bus group camp, and we got to try some! It tasted like as tender as fish, but it is actually a large sea snail. It was good. The California state law is that you can only dive for abalone by holding your breath (no scuba tank), or by picking them right along the shoreline.

Anyways, here are a few pictures we took over the weekend:

Ocean Cove VW Campout
Buses at the campout in Ocean Cove Campground. This picture looks like it was taken in the 80s or something!

Ocean Cove VW Campout
Later in the day, some more buses joined the group.

Ocean Cove VW Campout
Shari and Mike's 1960 split-window bus and Doug and Stacy's early bay-window Westy.

Ocean Cove VW Campout
John's early bay-window Dormmobile and our 1977 bay-window Riviera.

Ocean Cove VW Campout
Melissa's cream colored Vanagon Westy and Joel's blue-ish Vanagon Westy.

Stillwater Cove
Hiking along the ocean at Stillwater Cove Regional Park, which was right next to the campground.

The Ocean near Jenner
A nice view of the coast near Jenner as we drove home along Hwy 1, south.


Catherine Hall Studios said...

Curious if you remember the group site number?

Unknown said...

So funny Catherine!! I was doing research and found this blog .. i was going to ask the same thing!!!

Catherine Hall Studios said...

So fun to see you here mumum! Hopefully they answer us ;)