Saturday, October 01, 2005

Party Dumbass!

Did you ever know a party dumbass?
His name is Mike, and he's a party dumbass.
(He's the one with the Virginia shirt.)
He is a grad student we met in Prague.
He always has a weird little smile on his face thats creepy.
And he has a forced laugh.
He tries to put a German accent on any foreign language that he's learning.
He tried speaking Czech with a German accent.
He has weird party dumbass friends too.
The other guy in the photo is okay, we called him little Mike,
because party dumbass was monsterous.
The photo was taken at Romy's graduation party in Podebrady, CZ, at the "castle."
It didn't look much like a castle, but oh well. We also left there with a Kozel beer glass.
Below is the "castle" the party was at: