Saturday, October 29, 2005

Stylin' Comfy-Semi-Pants

This weekend, Nicole brought me some stylin' comfy-semi-pants that she sewed. She got some fabric at her super walmart store, and sewed me three pairs, and one for herself too. Later, she'll make Romy a pair also (they should be pretty stylin' as well!!).

My first pair has all goldfish fabric. The second has 3 peices of Diet Coke, and one teapot design. The third is all crazy with teapots, a fishy-scene, and goldfish all in one pair of comfy pants! She did the majority of the sewing last weekend, and then finished up on Monday, when her school was canceled because of Hurricane Wilma!!

We decided to go to Caribou Coffee Thursday night in our stylin' pants, but Marcel chickened out on wearing his Gucci sweatpants with us! What a party pooper!

After Caribou, we stopped in Trader Joes to get some Exstra, Staropramen, and some orange sorbet from France that you eat out of actual oranges shelled out! It was kinda cool!