Friday, October 07, 2005

STill no change. .

Well, I don't know but I've been hovering around this weight for three days now. . .
129.6 lb.
26.5% body fat

I've made a new gym schedule too.
Tuesdays, 7:45-9:00am
Thursdays, 8:15-10:00am
Sundays 8:30-10:30am.
This is a good schedule because I will still get to go to my step aerobics class on Thursdays, and on Sunday morning, we will do a Cardio Kickboxing class. I can't wait till Sunday! It will be our first class. It should be fun.

Tonight, we are celebrating the Tuition Waivor. And now Romy is sick with the same thing I had. BTW, I'm getting a lot better now, so only after 4 days, its almost completely gone. I must've had an antibody for it. Yes!