Monday, May 29, 2006

Bye Sardinia Hello England

We just arrived in London again, from Sardinia. We loved Sardinia!!! Two weeks was not enough. The car was small, but we got a good deal for it, and we saw the whole island almost! We saw cliffs, small beaches, mountains, lots of sheep and goats, etc. . .
We had an interesting time coming to Olbia from the little town Cala Ganone, it took us the whole day and we arrived perfectly an hour and a half before our flight left.
Now we are going to Heathrow again and renting a Ford Mondeo wagon. We will now be seeing as much of England as we can. Last night we walked to our hostel from the train station because it was too expensive to ride the metro!! It would cost us about $24 just to ride 5 stops. We walked through Hyde Park, so it was nice and we also saw Buckinham Palace on the way. London is soooooooo expensive!!!

Check back!

-All of us


Mom said...

My little stars--I am so happy you're having such a good time. I wrote you, Romy, about the chance for a sergeant's posting at Joliet. A Capt. Robinson wants to offer the position to you by email as she can't keep it open until August. Take it. It's more money and a change, and there's always some inconvenience with moving up. And you deserve a promotion. Love you all. Read your email--that go buick go address, and I'll give her the blog name also. Be careful and have fun. What a wonderful trip. Think about being an important sergeant. Love you. Jenn and Nicole also.

CPT Robinson said...

Mom, thanks! (CPT Robinson)

CPT Robinson said...

I sent a long message to this blog and an email. They state the same things. However, I don't know if it took over the blog. Please call me or email me, 815/725-8838 or home 630/759-9445, email Thanks, CPT Robinson

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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