Friday, August 08, 2008

Cali Plates and Driver's License

We finally got our California driver's licenses and plates for the Daewoo. We tried to get personalized plates, but the plate "WOOT," "THE WOO," and "WOO" were already taken! We could go online and order plates, so maybe we will pick something else. Personalized plates are really cheap here compared to Illinois. Plates here are only $30/year to renew if they are personalized, and $40 for new plates (first time original plate).

Yesterday we went to IKEA again, and got a dresser, but when we assembled it, it looked funny in our bedroom. There was another dresser we saw which we think will look better, so we're returning the dresser and exchanging it for the better looking one.

I'll post pictures of the apartment soon! We're almost done unpacking everything. Today we are going to our storage place and completely emptying it, and ending our lease at the public storage.