Saturday, August 02, 2008

Our New Address Is . . .

We finally got a new address in California! Yay!

We live in Oakland, near the Dimond District, but up in the hills (not too high up, but high enough to have a bay view) on Delmer St and Lincoln Ave. Well, I wouldn't say bay view, more like a bay 'peek.' We can see half of down-town San Fran across the bay, and the bay bridge when it is lit up at night. We can see the fog over the mountains on the southwest bay in the morning. Sometimes it swallows them up whole, other times the fog just hovers.

We live in a side-by-side duplex. We have our own backyard, and our own one-car garage (more like a shack which will just about fit the Daewoo), and our own mini-driveway where we park the Bus. The neighbor is a United Airlines employee, and supposedly is not home for months at a time. We didn't see him yet. Nor has the landlord, which has owned the building for about 7 months now. He's a new landlord, and he's nice and laid back. He owns his own flower shop and is usually very busy. We have another neighbor which has a huge lemon tree which hangs into our yard. I guess we are entitled to as many lemons that end up in our yard. Mmmmmmm I think I will make some lemonade, or something. We also have a GIANT mormon temple up on the hill. At night it is lit up in white and gold and looms over our dining room window! Its so ironic. Sometimes I can't tell if we went to school in Utah or in California! Hahahaha!

For now, we are stealing internet from our neighbor. Tomorrow we will call Comcast or AT&T to set up internt service. We have no electricity or gas until Monday, when the Pacific Gas & Electric Company comes and turns it back on for us. For now, the cold water is not actually that cold, so we can shower. And we use little tea light candles at night for light.

Almost everything is out of the storage space in San Leandro. We've already made two trips to IKEA to get stuff. We got a bed frame with storage drawers underneath. We also got a new louge chair. Well, we're gonna post pics of our new apartment after all our stuff is packed out and I'm finished re-decorating!