Monday, August 04, 2008

PG&E Came, Plus We Got a Washer & Dryer

Today was a hectic day! Last week on Friday, we called PG&E (pacific gas & electric) so that we could turn on our natural gas and electricity to the apartment. They said they were all booked until next Thursday, but when we told them we were living the apartment already, the guy said he would over-ride our request and we should get our service restored sometime on Monday (today). Happily, the technician came around noon. It was an Asian woman, but she was dressed in manly clothes, drove a mean looking pick up truck, and she had a real short haircut. Now I don't want to sound rude, but I thought it was a man with a high voice. It wasn't until 30 minutes into it that I realized 'he' was a 'she' because of her name tag. Woah! She was an appliance wiz! She turned on our electricity and gas, checked all the appliances, lit all of our pilot lights, and was in general really knowledgeable.

Before the PG&E lady came, Romy went to go pick up our 'new to us' stackable washer and dryer which we found on craigslist for $500. They retail new for about $1200. We got about a one and a half year old used Fridgidair set, front loading, from a couple who had to get rid of them because they were moving to Texas. We did two loads of laundry after our gas and electricity was turned on, and they work great! No more trips to the laundromat! Yay!

Then, we found another craigslist gem, a patio table and two patio chairs for $15. All we have to do is get an umbrella, and some nice cushions for the chairs. All we need now is a weber grill. Sad story, there was a free one on craigslist but when I called, it was already taken. Boo Erns!