Saturday, November 12, 2005

The BEAST!!!!

Ho-k, so Jenn's mom asked me about speakers for Bill's Jeep cos his are blown. She works for Bosch, who owns Blaupunkt, so therefore has a nice hookup. I picked out the best ones for Bill's Jeep cos apparently Blaupunkt is moving their headquarters away from the same building as Bosch, so they're doing a clearance type thing for employees and the stuff I guess, is cheap. Jenn's mom said that if I wanted anything to pick it out and that maybe, but probably not, we'll see, type of thing. So I picked out their best sub, the Vw1200. This beast (I love that word!) handles 1200WRMS. Ok, I'll repeat that to get it across again. 1200W R M S!!! I mean, damn!!!!

I have an Infinity sub right now in my car which draws just 300WRMS and bumps as it is, but 1200?!?!? Now I need to find an amp that doesn't suck and can push somewhere around that much!