Friday, November 04, 2005

Lake Baikal Plan:

So I've been preparing a plan of activities while we will stay by Lake Baikal.
This is a map of Lake Baikal and the cities around it. We will be mainly on the west coast. The train will take us to Irktusk, where we will find a hostel to sleep the night and of course, get a nice shower!! There are a few I found already on that are not bad.

Our next stop, after a good rest, it to get to Port Baikal or Listviyanka by bus. At that point, our handy hiking map has a hike from Listvyanka - Bolschoi Koty (18km) and from Bolschoi Kotuy - Bolschoi Goloustnoye (35km). We will be camping, of course, by night.

This will be major hiking, because I would like to eventually reach Buguldeika. Thats about 90km away though, and a total of 140km one way. Hmmm. . . thats a little outrageous! Maybe we will hike only half way, and take a bus back, or take the bus first, and hike back. There is a bus that runs between Irktusk and Buguldeika. We'll see. . . . just some initial planning!

I'm also planning a possible week or so helping to build sections of the Great Baikal Trail, but I have to research more into it!


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