Saturday, November 12, 2005

a new machine

It finally arrived in the mail, my new (old) Sharp Zaurus ZR5800 little organizer/word processor! I love it. It comes with a "pen," so you can do touch-screen stuff, like a PDA, but it also has a very mini QWERTY keyboard.
The reason I got it was because I was looking for a little machine, ideally cheap, and small, and it would allow me to type articles while riding on the train through Siberia. I needed something that would run on batteries for a long time, and have also a cord in case I was to plug it in.
I found the perfect machine, after searching for about half hour on Ebay. It runs on two AA batteries, for 60 hours, or one month. It has a cord incase I wanna plug it in to the electricity. It has a word-processor, spreadsheet, and all the cool stuff an organizer PDA has, a calculator, plus it can capture notes I take with the "pen," and it has a PC card slot, so I can have a flashdrive or whatever hook up to it. It is also able to hook up to any computer and transfer the files.
Finally, it is small, small, small! It can fit in a large pocket, perfect for traveling. Now I can write about anything, where ever I go, when ever I want! And it only cost $30 bucks. I don't even have to cry if I lose it! ;-)