Saturday, November 05, 2005

Latte Art on Jackson

Many people may appreciate art on the walls, or in furniture, architecture, etc. Me, I appreciate it on the froth of my latte!

A little cafe, hidden near the Jackson exit of the CTA Blue-Line, called Intelligentsia, has a really cool employee. He makes your latte very special by making a design on the top, mixing the dark creama and the light froth into a leaf-shape, or a heart! I never got the heart though, but I saw him make one for the guy infront of us . . . . guy you ask? It was actually some old man, and I don't think the special employee is gay or anything, but whatever.

The coffee they brew is excellent, and they used to have this quarter machine that was filled with chocolate covered espresso beans. I ate so many of them after downing a latte, and I was shaking like never before! Well, they don't have the machine anymore, and maybe thats a good thing.

This pic was taken when Nicole visited in the early summer, and we went downtown for a walk, or maybe to visit STATravel or something. Well, as you can see, we both got leaves!