Friday, November 25, 2005

Lots of eating!

There was a lot of eating going on in the past few days. It started on Wednesday night, when we went to Klas to celebrate our birthday. We had a nice dinner and some beer. Then after, we got a little tour of Klas, and explored all the rooms upstairs. It was pretty cool. This pic is in the Dr. Zhivago room. There a beautiful murals all over the walls, and a big fire place.
We thought that we might as well ask if the date for our wedding was open, June 24th, so that we could have the big crystal room, with a bar, dancefloor, and outside beer garden. To our suprise, it was marked down for a 50th anniversary party! But, there was no deposit made by the other party, so I said I will put a deposit on it RIGHT NOW!! We were planning on having it there, and we couldn't afford not getting our room!! That was close!
Then, it was turkey day, and we stuffed ourselves good.

We saw a good Czech movie called Zelary, about World War II and a girl trying to hide from the Germans. She hid in a small Slovakian mountain village, and got all involved in their life there. . . it was such a good movie!

Then we watched Ju-On, a Japanese horror movie.

Then finally, today, we ate a second Thanksgiving with Romy's family at his house. It was good too, especially this brown sugar squash stuff. Mmmmm.